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China Culinary Tour (Gourmet tour)

Culinary trip is a new way of discovering culture, heritage and most of the regional food that appeal to visitors with gourmet tastes. Take a China gourmet tour with Easy Tour China to taste the country's rich and subtle flavors, learning to cook several Chinese dishes as well as sightseeing the must-visited sites of China.

Trip Highlights:

1. The trip covers the most popular destinations blended with the typical Chinese cuisines;

2. At each city, you will select from a series of best-selected restaurants and dine from a variety of venues. These venues include private clubs, upscale restaurants or private homes;

3. You will have the chance to try the various cuisines and diverse cooking styles;

4. You can choose to take cooking course at different cities and practice your skills;

5. Experienced guides and 24 hour support by our travel consultant.

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    For those who love Chinese food, charm yourself with this gourmet Chinese cuisine & cultural tour. Have a taste of China鈥檚 most famous cuisines, including Lu Cuisine, Chuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and Huaiyang Cuisine, with their most representative dishes and snacks. You will also travel to some historic and ...
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Useful Tips & Guide

Here below are some tips of dining at Chinese restaurants:
In Chinese restaurants, chopsticks, bowls and soup spoons are the traditional table ware.

 When using chopsticks, it is not polite to point them directly at the people. Traditionally Chinese never stick the chopsticks standing upright in the rice bowl, this is a reminder of the sacrifice at funerals.

 It is always suggested to drink the bottled or boiled water in China. The food served at small food stands by the street may not suit your digestion system.

 If you have an extremely sensitive stomach, then you avoid raw vegetables here.  Always choose a restaurant which is dependable in terms of hygiene and quality.

 If you're invited to be a guest at a meal, don't be surprised that if your host tends to order more food than you expect, this is the way for Chinese people to show their hospitality (if you finish all, then it may imply the host didn鈥檛 serve enough). What is more, your host may keep serving you tasty bites he/she thought to be, even you don't ask for it.

When you are not so sure what to do, simply ask your guides or do as local people do.

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